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Horizon Splitters is an infinite runner game designed for the Android. It features gameplay that starts off slow, but quickly speeds up into an insane test of the players reactions.

Inspired by games like Wipeout, Jetpack Joyride and Audiosurf, we hope to cater to those seeking a quick thrill whilst waiting for the bus or other similar "5 minute wait" situations.

UPDATE: This project was originally meant for academic purposes. Version 2.0 is the officially "released" version meant for the projects' delivery, however, due to potential we see within the project, we will update Horizon Splitters as a side project (considering we will be overflowing with university work again) and will try to add more features. Regardless, thank you all for visiting this page!

This game marks our  first dive into game development and we're aware it's nothing technically amazing or graphically gorgeous, but it marks a milestone in our lives as our first ever released game. Overpowered Labs is a team constituted by myself and a friend who are both studying game development.

For now it is still in development, but it should be releasing soon if everything goes as planned.

We hope you all enjoy this little casual title we made! Any bugs you may find we will be more than happy to hear about and promptly fix them!

Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the .apk and install it on your Android devices! 


HorizonSplitters 2.2.1.apk 43 MB

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